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She conveniently left out the fact that sniper was an African-American male who set out to kill not just cops but as many white cops as he could. All she cared about was using the deaths of these officers, and the three killed two weeks later in Baton Rouge to make her very limited political point. She wanted to do away with what she called a “loophole” in the law that allowed sellers to release guns to purchasers if, after the three day waiting period, their background checks had not been returned.

In other words, she wanted to give the government the option of simply sitting on background checks indefinitely, effectively preventing people who could legally own guns from purchasing them. Now, that neighbor or his survivors file suit against Joe for shooting him.

That means police officers and all of us doing everything we can to understand the effects of systemic racism that young black and Latino men and women face every day, and how they are made to feel like their lives are disposable.

It also means imagining what it’s like to be a police officer, kissing his or her kids and spouse good-bye, every day and heading off to do a dangerous but necessary job. Cops are to “understand” and yet all she wants the other side to do is “imagine” what it is like to leave for work at a dangerous job.

Here’s where her disconnect with reality once again rears it head. ) Yet, later in the chapter, she gleefully recounts how she pounded on Bernie Sanders because he voted against a certain gun control bills because he knew it was how his constituency wanted him to vote.

Yep, that niggling in the back of my mind was right. Acknowledging this during the campaign may have cost me the support of some police officers and organizations who seemed to think my concern for dead children and other victims showed a presumption of wrong doing by police. Surely, they couldn’t have taken your words at face value and come to the reasonable conclusion that you would happily sacrifice them upon the altar of political correctness and social justice cause du jour?

Clinton, or a very clever editor, set those clauses up in such a way it becomes an indictment of cops. And congratulations, you almost got me to fall for your line of crap. (Pg 177) Now why would any officer ever think that, Hill? I’ll note here as well that she does not answer this so-called misconception by officers that she might have held a “presumption of wrong doing by police.” Instead, she continues on and it finally becomes clear what the purpose of this chapter is: She is positioning herself for holding office again — or going to work for a PAC of some sort, be it the Clinton Foundation or more of her high priced public speaking engagements.

That means he has to take into account what is important to them.

That’s something I’m not sure Clinton has ever taken seriously.

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